Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Blog Reflection - our last post:(

Over this time I have learned so much in-depth about the many different aspects of media. Along with many other people, the media consumes my life, therefore I try and take every small moment of silence for meditation and myself. From the beginning of this project till now I have become more aware of parts of the media that never even crossed my mind. I have had an Apple iPhone since the summer of 4th grade, and I believe I got social media when I was in 6th or 7th. Therefore media and technology have been a big influence on me. Many of the companies I buy from and follow use many of the techniques that I learned advertisers use to draw in the consumer. All of these years, I can't decide whether it was the actual products or the way they pitched it to me for the reason I bought it and wanted it. One technique that has always drawn my eye was using celebrities in ads. I am someone who follows a couple of singers/famous people so automatically I have always been drawn in. Therefore I think it has been the idea that they are pitching to me instead of the actual product. Now that I am aware of all of these techniques that advertisers use I would say I am media literate. I mean who takes the time to analyze in depth a Jack in the Box or Apple ad, I guess me. Its funny to me how now when I am watching tv or a youtube video and an ad pops up, I automatically start thinking of their target market and what actual message they are trying to get to the audience. Although I must admit my media habits have not changed. If anything, I would say I scroll through ads a lot quicker not wanting to give them my precious time since every company to ever exist doesn't care about you, they only care about getting your money. I have also tried to spend less time on social media and Netflix since over this semester I have realized how big of a waste of time it is and how desperate these companies are. Even apps are gaining something when we spend hours on end on them. I think everyone should become more educated on the media and what to look out for since I have become a lot more aware. Also, the media is such a large part of our everyday lives that its important to know a thing or two about the thing we waste our time on. Therefore I have gained a lot over this log and I can't believe this will be my last post:( I have gained so much new knowledge that I will have forever and gained a clearer view of what these advertisers are doing to their consumers.
Overall I think the media has it's pros and cons but is important and interesting to learn about since it's such a big part of our lives. The media will only become a large part and it is our job to keep control of it and see past the brainwashing that these companies do because at the end of the day their main concern is the profit and what sells, not us (unfortunately). Anyways this is it for me, your host NINA from NINASNATION - I enjoyed our time together, stay educated, be happy and most importantly yourself;)

Sunday, January 12, 2020

"Girls set at impossible standards" - Miss Representation

Social media now a days is constantly surrounding us and is considered the "normal." All around the world teens in particular and constantly on social media. With Apple products it provides a weekly report of your average screen time and the apps that you are spending the most time on. Coming from a 15 year old my report fluctuates depending on if I am in school or on some kind of vacation like summer break. Latley I don't spend too much of my time on social media since it really is the largest waste of time their is, although I remember during some summers it would be around 13-16 hours which I consider way too much time to be on a phone. Anyway, you get the gist, social media consumes kids lives and even adults. But today I am going to be touching on the negative affects social media has on young women. Advertisers and the media truly does set girls at impossible standards. On Instagram for example we are bobarded with perfect hourglass women with gorgeous clear faces and smooth tan skin. Yet what we don't see is the natural faces of these women when they wake up or before they go to bed and take all of their makeup on, or the facetuning and editing that goes into the posts we see. So when we are scrolling through our explore page or a random story and come across a gorgeous woman with thousands of likes it makes you wonder whats different between you and them. This is what the media does, and this is hoenstly what girls and people in general are doing to eachother. Teaching oursleves that its okay to post our body because we'll get likes and recognition from certain people. The main thing that it teaches us that is incredibly negative to me, is the fact that it allows us to compare ourselves to eachother. Every single person was created uniquley with their own personalities and shapes and the fact is is that social media allows people to change thsoe things and no one will be able to tell the difference. So this is where the movie Miss Representaion comes in sinc eit focusses greatly on the image of women and girls and the way social media affects that. For Instagram and all of those apps are based on appearance allowing you to like the image if you like it and comment anything that comes to mind, I bet you can see and probably know the problem that this causes.

Affects media has on women - "miss representation"

Recently I watched a documentary called "Miss Representation" which really affected my veiw on the media and what it does to women. I have always been aware of the negative affects that it has especially on young women but this brought a whole new light to different probelms it is causing. Today in particular I am going to be talking about the affects that advertisers today have on women aside from social media, that will have to be a seperate post:) Anyway this documentary greatly focused on how girls today are starting so young caring about their appearance beacause of advertisers. These popular brands that are largley looked up to are creating ads with beautiful photo shopped women giving the message that you have to look like this in order to be pretty. This is also teaching young men to look at girls a certain way and that look this certain way. Yet this "beautiful" girl on the ad doesn't even look like this in real life. The amount of smoothing and shaping done to these models is insane, but glancing at a picture we automatically think, "wow why don't I look like this." The reality is that she doesn't even look like that and neither should you. At this day in age people of the media are gradually starting to understand that these images of women aren't real, and the beauty of self-love and body positivity. Personally I think positivity in general should be something that is highly focussed on, becuase staring at a magazine ad or a post is such a toxic and unhealthy way of living. Something that Miss Representation touched on that often slips my mind is the fact that the advertisers are fully aware that they are projecting these processed images of women and that its simply "what sells." If positivity and happiness is what should be our everyday focus then I think it is the advertisers that need to change. Unforturnatley money will always be the focus, so its up to society to choose what they support and the products they buy.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Huggies Ad ~ what are these advertisers trying to portray?

Recently, while watching TV I have come across an ad for Huggies diapers. As this ad was very cute and heart warming since it featured babies, I found it particularly interesting and appealing. Personally when I think of babies I also think of mothers and their nurturing image. Although what I found in this ad was that it didn't include moms, instead it focussed on the nurturing qualities of a father. In this ad it posed the father with many problems and obstacles that he overcame in order to care for the baby. This idea of the father being able to play the same role as a mother does is what appealed to me the most. 

Personally I think that the advertisers are trying to appeal to single dads, as well as show that they are able to be just as caring as moms are for a child. I also think that by making the box black as well as the image of the dad and baby in black and white, makes the red Huggies logo pop. Also by adding the word "special" in cursive gives the brand a boost of being different from other diaper brands. 

I found this ad very appealing and particularly interesting. I think that choosing a different way to advertise diapers by adding a father instead of a mother very smart since now it appeals to a new audience of men. But above all of these reasons the chubby smiling baby on the box is my favorite part of the whole add, he is just too cute!

Who really owns "cool" ~ trends and how advertisers promote

"Cool" is such a broad term and can is used in many different ways today. To the dictionary, cool means at a low temperature, fresh brisk, refreshing etc. But today, people usually use the word as a way to describe someone who is "hip", has nice style and personality. People are defined as cool when they usually have the newest clothing or accessiories. This is where trends come in. When watching "Merchants of Cool" we learned about "mooks" and "midriffs", in which both were large fashion trends during the time this movie was shot. Today trends such as buying expensive items like Gucci apparel, Airpods, Hydroflasks, Apple products like iPhones etc. There are also many fashion and style trends that are shown on apps like TikTok.

When it comes to the question, "Who owns cool?" personally I think of teenagers and people of early 20's although I think this could vary depending on what age you are. For anyone can buy airpods, buy expensive cloths and jewerly. Therefor in my opion teens are usually the trend setters, so it is this audience that a lot of companies try and apply to. For example one that comes to mind is a Gucci Ad Harry Styles was feautured in. In order to appeal to teens a lot of companies feel the need to include popular celebrties in commercials. Pepsi
does this technique. One that comes to mind is when they featured Cardi B and some well known comedians.

Therefore in my opion I wish people weren't defined as being cool only based on the accesiors or clothes they have. Since the reality is that the first thing we see or judge of a person is what they are wearing/ what they look like. Because many of the popular products are expensive it can leave kids and even adults who can'f afford them feeling down about themselves. I think is the sad reality of trends nowadays.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Starbucks Holiday Instagram

While scrolling through Instagram I came across a Starbucks Holiday post. I found this particularly appealing since it had different angles and views of the objects in the shot. I also was initially drawn to it since it is Christmas themed and I love the holidays! There were so many cute details to this post, like the caption, the cup, the ornaments where some of them are blurry and in focus, the whip cream and many more. This made me want a drink so bad, which is the desired effect that the persuader wants on the audience. I think this is directed towards people of all ages, since a majority loves Christmas and people of a variety of ages uses Instagram. In particular this ad is trying to promote the caramel brulee latte. I thought the caption was so fun and clever by changing the lyrics of a Christmas song to, "Deck the whip with bits of brulee!" Something that is unique about this ad is the fact that it is a gif or a slightly moving video that repeats itself over and over again. For if you watch the actual post, the ornaments slightly move from side to side while the latte stays as the focal point. The fact that the ornaments are focused differently, having only the latte in focus just brings more attention to the product. I thought this was a clever way to fill up the background, making it look festive and appealing. Overall, I think this had if anything, a positive effect on the audience, since 244, 032 viewed it, probably watching it many times over again.

Harry Styles NEW Album!!! ~ Fine Line ~

Last week, Harry Styles released his new album called Fine Line. I have been a huge Harry fan for a while now and even have seen him live in concert. I will also be seeing him again in 2020 and I could not be more excited:))))))) Harry is one of the best performers I have seen, but maybe that is my bias opinion since I have been listening to him for a while now. I have been waiting for him to release this album for so long and I am beyond thrilled that it is finally out. Personally I think this album is so Harry. What I mean by that is, after One Direction split after Zayn left, each one of the members was trying to find their own path and style of music in their solo careers. Even though each one of the members has made hits being solo, I think Harry is the most popular and successful out of the group. For he is the one who actually wrote all of the songs for One Direction having each one be so popular appealing to many teenage girls across the world. Harry definitely focusses on happiness and love among all, spreading nothing but positivity. For a song on Fine Line is called Treat People With Kindness. A line that I That is the reason why so many people support him, along with the reason that his music is so amazing of course. My personal favorite so far in the Fine Line album is either Sunflower Vol. 6, Adore You, or Fall. His vocals in every single song suites his voice and highlights his unbelievable range and talent. Harry is able to hit high notes and raspy tones that he has been known for even in One Direction songs. I can't wait to see him in concert again, and I am in love with his new album release!

Blog Reflection - our last post:(

Over this time I have learned so much in-depth about the many different aspects of media. Along with many other people, the media consumes m...